Before You Apply . . .

Our Comprehensive Application Process

At Sun Bay, we take pride in our thorough screening process to ensure the ideal living experience for all residents. Our application process consists of several essential components:

Residency Application

Every resident aged 18 and above living in the apartment must be listed on the lease and complete an individual application. Please note our “apply together, deny together” policy: if one applicant is denied, the other co-applicant will not receive approval. Reconsideration of the denied applicant’s application is not possible for 12 months. Once the lease commences, additional occupants cannot be added. For families with minor children, please remember to include them as “other occupants” on the application and lease.

Financial Qualifications

Financial stability is a key factor in our screening process. Applicants must demonstrate an income equal to or exceeding three times the base rent after taxes. Overtime pay is not considered part of the regular income. Employment should be verifiable for a minimum of three months and within a 25-30 mile radius of Gainesville.

For University of Florida or Santa Fe College students, grants or loans are acceptable sources of income. Full-time University of Florida students may enlist a co-signer if needed, but all apartment occupants must be full-time UF students in such cases.

Credit Assessment

While late payments or non-medical collections may impact your application, they will not necessarily result in denial. However, outstanding landlord debts or unsatisfied judgments will lead to application denial.

Criminal Background Check

We conduct a background check that considers felony convictions. While a felony conviction may impact your application, it will not automatically lead to denial. However, we do not accept applicants with convictions or nolo contendere pleas related to violent/sexual crimes or financial fraud.

Housing History

No prior evictions are accepted. If you currently have a lease and wish to move to Sun Bay before its expiration, you must obtain a release from your current apartment complex before we can approve your application. Applicants with more than two late payments within a one-year period will be disqualified. Sun Bay Management reserves the right to verify applicants’ residence history.

Lease Details

Our leases are structured to commence and conclude on specific dates. Availability of different unit styles may vary. We provide an option on the application for your preferred move-in date. Once the date is finalized and included in the lease, it cannot be changed to a later timeframe.

Important Note

Providing false information on your application may result in application denial.

Application Fees

For full-time UF or Santa Fe students, the application fee is $50.00 per applicant. Non-students are subject to a fee of $100.00 per applicant.

Security Deposits

Upon approval of your application, the security deposit requirements are as follows:

  • Non-students: $750.00
  • Full-time undergraduate UF or Santa Fe students: $350.00
  • Full-time UF graduate students: $250.00 for all residents

Please note: These are subject to change depending on the application. To qualify for the above Undergraduate or Graduate security deposit, all residents intending on living in the apartment over 18 must meet the all application requirements along with the security deposit requirements.

For example: If one resident is an Undergraduate or Graduate and one resident is not, then you would NOT qualify for a student deposit. Also, if you are an Undergraduate or Graduate but do not meet the income requirement of 3X the monthly rent, we may approve your application with a higher deposit.

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