Before You Apply . . .

Our Screening Process has several parts.

All persons over 18 living in the apartment must be on the lease and complete an application. We have an apply together, deny together policy; if one person is denied,the other applicant will not be approved. We will not reconsider the application of the person who was not denied for 12 months. You will not be able to add other occupants once the lease begins. If you will have minor children living with you, they need to be listed on the application as other occupants and on the lease.

Financial: The applicant must make three times the amount of the base rent after taxes. Overtime will not be considered as part of normal income.  Valid employment must be for a period of 3 months or more.  A place of employment should also be within a 25-30 mile radius of Gainesville.

Grants or loans count as income for University of Florida or Santa Fe College. We will accept a cosinger for applicants that are full time Univresity of Florida Students. If a cosigner is used, all applicants in that apartment must be full time UF students.

Credit: Having late payments or collections in things other than medical will impact, but not neccessarily be the basis of denial of your application. Having outstanding landlord debt or unsatisfied judgements will cause the application to be denied.

Criminal: Any felony conviction will impact, but not neccessarily cause a denial of your application. We would not accept convictions or nolo contendere for crime of a violent/sexual nature or financial fruad.

Housing: Absolutely no evictions. If you are currently in a lease and you want to move to Sun Bay before your lease is up you will need to get a release from your current apartment complex before your application is approved. Having more than two late payments in a one year period would disqualify an applicant.

Availability/Lease Period: The leases are set up to begin and end on certain days. We do not have all styles available at all times. There is a spot available on the application for a preferred move in date; once a date is decided upon, and that date is on the lease, we will not be able to shift it to a later time frame.

Providing false information could lead to your application being denied.

The application fees for full time UF/ SantaFe students are $30.00 each;
The application for non students are $50.00 each.

The security deposits that are to be paid after the application is approved are as follows:

Non Students: 550.00
Full time undergrad UF or Santa Fe Students: 250.00
All Residents full time UF grad students: 150.00

To apply please visit our “Floorplans” page and click “Apply Online”